1.Do you arrive outside Jordan?

Yes, we ship worldwide

2.How are your products priced?

It is a fixed price for the wallpaper (14 JD/Meter) & for the canvases, it depends on the chosen size.

3.Do you do special requests?

Yes, you can request your design by e-mail ( )

4.How do I clean the product?

Our wallpapers are highly washable; Use a water-wet towel to clean the wallpaper & a dry towel to clean the canvases.

5.Do you have a warranty on your product?

Yes, we offer a 5 years warranty for the wallpaper colours only.

6.What kind of glue should I use for the wallpaper?

Any glue for wallpapers can be used to install the product.

7.What is a suitable wall condition to place the product?

To have the product in its best shape, it is recommended to make sure that your wall is flat, wiped clean & painted matt white to achieve the best result.

8. How long does it take to deliver?

Local delivery takes 7-10 days & international delivery takes 10 - 14 days.